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07-13 OSDI’22 ListDB: Union of Write-Ahead Logs and Persistent SkipLists for Incremental Checkpointing on Persistent Memory

07-12 p2KVS: a Portable 2-Dimensional Parallelizing Framework to Improve Scalability of Key-value Stores on SSDs

04-05 InfiniFS: An Efficient Metadata Service for Large-Scale Distributed Filesystems

09-28 ChameleonDB: a Key-value Store for Optane Persistent Memory

08-30 X-Engine: An Optimized Storage Engine for Large-scale E-commerce Transaction Processing

07-06 VLDB21: Viper: An Efficient Hybrid PMem-DRAM Key-Value Store

06-15 SILT: A Memory-Efficient, High-Performance Key-Value Store

03-11 SpanDB: A Fast, Cost-Effective LSM-tree Based KV Store on Hybrid Storage

02-19 Reading Group Notes

02-08 MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters

01-12 Dostoevsky: Better Space-Time Trade-Offs for LSM-Tree Based Key-Value Stores via Adaptive Removal of Superfluous Merging

11-06 From WiscKey to Bourbon: A Learned Index for Log-Structured Merge Trees

11-06 Fast RDMA-based Ordered Key-Value Store using Remote Learned Caches

10-12 FAST20 Some Interesting Papers Overview

10-05 FileMR: Rethinking RDMA Networking for Scalable Persistent Memory

09-15 FlatStore: An Efficient Log-Structured Key-Value Storage Engine for Persistent Memory

08-13 GearDB: A GC-free Key-Value Store on HM-SMR Drives with Gear Compaction

08-07 PinK: High-speed In-storage Key-value Store with Bounded Tails

08-02 KVell: the Design and Implementation of a Fast Persistent Key-Value Store

07-29 MatrixKV: Reducing Write Stalls and Write Amplification in LSM-tree Based KV Stores with Matrix Container in NVM

01-09 FAST 2017-2019

12-20 WiscKey: Separating Keys from Values in SSD-Conscious Storage

12-12 文献阅读和写作技巧

11-07 File Systems Unit as Distributed Storage:Lessons from 10 Years of Ceph Evolution

10-27 SLM-DB Single-Level Key-Value Store with Persistent Memory

10-17 Exploiting Commutativity For Practical Fast Replication